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Aish secara rasminya berusia genap 2 tahun tanggal 11 November lalu jam 8.47pm.  Alhamdulillah Allah masih panjangkan usia anak mama ni.  Semoga menjadi seorang yang soleh dan bijak dan taat pada perintah Allah hendaknya.

Snapshots of Aish
Aish Naufal Dari 1 Hari Hingga 2 Tahun


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Forgive me for not updating this blog.  I just realised it has been more than a month since my last entry.  Imagine if this blog is like a house, perhaps I would find inches of dust laying all over.

Anyhow, it seems like we’ve just celebrated Eidul Fitri not too long ago, and now Eidul Adha is approaching very soon.  Not to forget, what comes with it is the 10 most virtuous days in Islam.  Just like the best 10 nights on the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the first 10 days of Dzulhijjah is the wholesale period that Allah has granted us with.

So, let’s not waste this opportunity and let’s start now by increasing our good deeds and ‘ibaadah.  Since we are already in this topic, I would like to share this video with all of you.  I wanted to embed this video to save your time from clicking another link; but pardon me for not being tech-savvy enough.  Until I learn how to do that, pls click here to view the video.

It’s not a very long video, yet the sheikh managed to capture all the important points.  I hope it will be beneficial to you as it has to me, inshaAllah.

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