Malam tadi, sewaktu sesi bedtime story dengan En Aish dan En Adam… 

Mama: Ok, dah habis cerita Nabi Musa dengan ular…. tidur ye?
Aish: Nak cerita elephant pulak. (merujuk kepada cerita Tentera Bergajah Abrahah)

Adam pulak dengan penuh innocent dan seriusnya berkata, “Alaa, Adam nak cerita Hantu Kak Limah.”

Mama agak, ini mesti gara-gara menonton cerita hantu The Ring dengan Pak Long mereka malam sebelumnya. Sambil menahan daripada gelak, mama pun keluarkan ayat keramat,”Siapa nak cerita lagi tidur luar.”

Setel…. Tak sampai 10 minit, dua-dua pun terlelap.


The two cheeky boys under the blanket – taken at Grand Continental Kuantan


I was so blessed to be given the opportunity by the Company to join a short business trip to none other than Brunei Darussalam. While some other colleagues had the opportunity to travel to some exotic countries – the likes of Sudan, Iraq and Turkmenistan, I must say I am really grateful to be sent to Brunei instead, even though it is just a close neighbor of Malaysia.  For one, I am still breastfeeding my 7 months old Ammar and bringing back stored Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) will not be an easy task in long journey if I were to travel to those exotic countries.  Hence, a short 3-day trip to Brunei was just perfect for me.

I did not have the chance to explore Brunei much, but from my observation during my short stay there, I am really attracted with everything i discovered in Brunei from all specs of life.  It is not an exaggeration to say that I felt as if falling in love at the first sight with Brunei.  I could not find anything that I dislike whilst I was there.

The main reason for this was the presence of Islam in Brunei, well, as a matter of fact, even before touching down at Brunei’s soil.  I flew with Royal Brunei Airlines and the first thing they showed inside the cabin was a video of traveller’s prayer instead of the routine safety video or briefing.  Throughout the journey, whenever the captain made any announcement of our whereabouts, never once did he forget to mention “InshaAllah”, “Alhamdulillah” and the likes.  For example, this was something he would say, “Alhamdulilah, we are now 1,000 feet above sea level. The time now is 12:00 pm and we shall be landing in half an hour, inshaAllah.” Isn’t that just cool?

Next, I was awed with how peaceful Brunei is.  The capital did not brag any high-rises; instead, it was just like a simple town in Malaysia but with roads as good as its neighbor Singapore.  That leads to the next point; there is no traffic jam in Brunei.  It seems that traveling within the capital takes about 10-15 minutes e.g. from airport to hotel, from hotel to office, from office to school, etc.  They do have shopping malls in Brunei, but it definitely is more laid back than the likes of KLCC, Pavillion and Sunway Pyramid – which works just fine for me.

Bruneians are also very friendly people. I had no trouble communicating since Malay is a common language despite our different accent and a few local terms here and there.  The food in Brunei is as good as Malaysian food can be.  On my second day there, our Company’s counterpart brought us for a special seafood dinner by the sea.  Though not a big seafood fan myself, I did enjoy the food and would definitely come to the restaurant again!


There are much more plus points about Brunei which I will just summarize in bullet points below:

  • More on Islamic environment:
    • All shops close between 12:00-2:00 pm on Fridays
    • During the fasting month, office closes as early as 2 to 3 pm
    • On special Islamic occassions, employees are allowed to get off of work early to allow them to get ready for jama’ah (congregatory) prayer at the mosques
    • There is no alcohol served onboard
  • No tax
  • Low crime rate since there is no one who is extremely poor (miskin tegar) in Brunei. Therefore, it is still very safe for kids (and adults alike) to be outside to play and do outdoor activities with no fear of being kidnapped, mugged, etc.
  • One liter of petrol is cheaper than a bottle of mineral water. The car in Brunei is also relatively cheap, so cheap that it is not uncommon for fresh graduates to own a Toyota Camry as their first car!

Now, don’t you just wish all this is the same in our beloved land?

Welcome back!

Almost 2 years of silence and now hoping to make a comeback in the blogging world. Wish me luck guys!

10 months it is…

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah s.w.t. for giving me the opportunity to exclusively breastfeed (BF) my lil precious Adam Nu’man.  From day 1 of his birth, we’ve been truly blessed.  Despite the ups and downs in the supply vis-à-vis the ever increasing demand, we managed to hit the 6 months milestone and Alhamdulillah continued on until Adam is 10 months old. 

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FTWM vs. shaytaan

Remember I mentioned us being bibik-less the day Adam turned 7 months? And how things get quite tiring with all the house chores but less headache? Well unfortunately for some days, things could get VERY tiring and MUCH MORE headache.

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I have just registered for this course, and I’m all excited about it!! Actually, the registration was already closed when I first get to know about this from Kak Atty.  However, she said I should just try my luck and send an email to the organizer and Alhamdulillah, I’m accepted!!

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Aish wa Adam

Been a while since I last updated on the kiddos. So here goes…

Aish – 2 yrs 2 mths

He can talk!! Using complete sentences!!. No more jumbled-up sentences, even though sometimes he had weird accent on certain words. E.g. apa as ape (pe as in perak) ;). Now it’s much easier for mama to bully teach him to do little things like shutting the door, switching on/off the TV, getting mama’s phone when it rings and even picking up calls from Nenek/Nana. Good job Aish!! 😀 😀

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